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 Bone Tissue          



 1.   rickets deficient in vitamin D; is essential and is used in normal absorption and deposition of calcium in bone. Ex. Weak bones; the bones bend under the weight of the individual.(bowlegged)

2.   gigantism & pituitary growth failure both of which are caused by the excessive or lack of production of growth hormones that affect the growth of the epiphyseal plates. The latter of the conditions is treatable by providing GNrH to individuals.

3.   wormian bones found on the skull at the occipital end; actually part of the lambdoid suture.

4.   process projection or bump

5.   ramus extension of bone making an angle to the rest of the structure (bone inferior & medial to ball socket joint of the hip.

6.   trochanter large, rough projection

7.   tuberosity small, rough projection

8.   tubercle small, rounded projection

9.   crest prominent ridge

10. line low ridge

11. spine pointed process

12. head expanded Articular end of an epiphysis; separated from the shaft by a narrower neck

13. condyle smooth, somewhat rounded Articular process

14. trochlea smooth, grooved articulation process shaped like a pulley

15. facet small, flat Articular surface

16. fossa shallow depression

17. foramen rounded passageway for blood vessels or nerves

18. fissure elongated cleft

19. meatus entrance to a canal leading through the substance of a bone

20. Sinus or antrum chamber within bone, normally filled with air

21. axial skeleton (80 bones) includes the skull (cranium 8, face 14, hyoid 1, auditory ossicles 6), thoracic cage (sternum3, ribs 24), vertebrae column (vertebrae 24, sacrum 1, coccyx 1)

22. appendicular skeleton bones of the arms and legs

23. Cancellous bone spongy bone; composed of a network of bony struts

24. haversian system basic  histological unit of bone

25. lacunasmall pit or cavity

26. Lamella interstitial-used to fill in the space between concentric lamellae

27. perforating canal (Volkman's canal) passageway in compact bone that runs at right angles to the axes of the osteons; between the periosteum and endosteum

28. Endosteum incomplete cellular lining (medullary) found on the inner surface of bone

29. medullary cavityspace within bone that contains marrow

30. Articular cartilage cartilage pad that covers the surface of a bone inside a joint cavity

31. Osteoporosis reduction in bone mass and strength sufficient to compromise normal bone functions.

32. lordosis exaggeration of the lumbar curvature

33. kyphosis exaggerated thoracic curvature

34. scoliosis abnormal; exaggerated lateral curvature of the spine

35. vertebrochondral ribs ribs 8-10; false ribs connected to the sternum by shared cartilaginous bars

36. vertebrosternal ribs ribs 1-7; true ribs connected to the sternum by individual cartilaginous bars

37. synarthrotic joint that does not permit relative moment between articulating surfaces

38. syndesmosis fibrous amphiarthrosis

39. synestosis conversion of other articular form to solid mass of bone

40. suture fibrous joint between flat bones of the skull

41. symphysis fibrous amphiarthrosis; such as those between adjacent vertebrae or pubic bones of the coxae

42.synchrondrosis cartilage synarthorsis; such as the articulation between the epiphysis and diaphysis of a growing bone

43. Synovial incomplete layer of fibroblasts confronting the Synovial cavity; plus the underlying loose connective tissue

44. amphiarthrotic articulations that permits a small amount of independent movement

45. Bursa small sac filled with Synovial fluid that cushions adjacent structures and reduces friction

46. diarthrotic Synovial joint

47. gomphosis fibrous synarthorsis that binds a tooth to the one of the jaw; periodontal ligament

48. meniscus fibro cartilage pad between opposing surfaces in a joint

Osseous Tissue - Since the medical terminology word for bone is osteo-, the tissue is called osseous, or pertaining to bone.  Bones are not just a hard dead long thing.  Bones are living, remodeling, metabolically active tissue.

The following 4 videos comprise your Lesson

 Quiz - osseous terms

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Osseous Tissue Video


Hyaline Cartilages  3:15

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