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Tissue Review


Unit 1

This unit will cover chapters 1-5

Chapter 1: The Human Body: An Orientation

Planes - video

Chapter 2: Cells: the Living Units

Chapter 3: Basic Embryology

Chapter 4: Tissues 

Tissue Review ppt - download

Chapter 5: The Integumentary System

Please download and print the chapter notes, Human skeleton, Human body, Lab 1 handout (if you don't have the lab book yet,)  tissue notes and tissue tutorial.  Then go below and print the study guide.

The exam for this unit is on 1/30

  The exams will be 50 points each.    

Bring a scantron for the lecture exam

 The lab exam is 50 points. There will be a variety of questions, mainly identification, and drawings.  You may also be asked oral questions. 

Study Guide - Remember, your Lecture Notes are the Study Guide for that Exam

Detailed Study Guide placed here 1/26/13

For chapter 1: you must understand the anatomical position, planes and surfaces, organ systems, heirarchy of structural organization, directional terms, body cavities, cavity linings and imaging techniques.  Which features do all vertebrates have in common (in fetal development)

For chapter 2: you must understand the structure of a basic cell, the cell membrane, organelles, cellular diversity and the nucleus.   You will NOT be tested on the cell life cycle.

For chapter 3: you must understand the basic body plan, the primitive streak and the 3 germ layers, derivatives of the ectoderm, endoderm and mesoderm

For chapter 4: THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT CHAPTER OF THIS UNIT!  You must be able to identify the four general categories of tissues and the subcategories as explained on the handout.  You will be shown photographs of tissue types which you must be able to identify.  Know the different types of cell junctions, how they are formed and their purpose.  Know the purpose and potential of stem cells.

For chapter 5: you must understand the basic nature and function of the skin, pigment, finger nails, features of the integument such as hair, ducts and innervation.






Weekly Files

Chapter 1
   Lecture Notes
   Powerpoint Presentation

   Lab 1 Handout - copy of  Exercise 1

   Human Skeleton - handout

   Human Body - handout

 Chapter 2
   Lecture Notes
   Powerpoint Presentation                Video of Cell Membrane                 Phenomenal Histo Website

 Chapter 3  
   Powerpoint Presentation


  Chapter 4
   Lecture Notes
Tissue Notes
   Powerpoint Presentation
Tissue Slides
Tissue Tutorial  

 Chapter 5
   Lecture Notes
   Powerpoint Presentation