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Unit 2

This unit will cover chapters 6 - 9

Chapter 6: Bones and Skeletal Tissues 

ossification - video

Chapter 7: Bones, Part 1: The Axial Skeleton

cervical spine study - video

skull study - ppt

Skull Videos:

Chapter 8: Bones, Part 2: The Appendicular Skeleton

Chapter 9: Joints   Knee, Hip and Shoulder Joint Handout

Levers http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C4xAgEeZpFM

This is a great video lecture on bone tissue!

Resources for Bones:

Here is a wonderfully complete website for studying bones.  GO TO THIS WEBSITE!


Skull Video:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hQ8mm5dH8zw&feature=related

Study Guide for Bones

Here's the study guide for lecture exam 2

Weekly Files

Chapter 6
   Lecture Notes  

   More detailed notes -  
   Powerpoint Presentation

Chapter 7
   Lecture Notes
   Powerpoint Presentation
   Lab Sheet

Chapter 8
   Lecture Notes
   Powerpoint Presentation
   Lab Sheet

Chapter 9
   Lecture Notes
   Powerpoint Presentation
   Additional ppt

Practice Quiz